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Slankiojančios sistemos

CF 77

The new Reynaers Concept Folding 77 is a completely new designed standalone folding system with unique features in comparison with other system available in the market. With CF 77, Reynaers gives one of the most reliable answer to the increasing demand from end - users and architects for window systems that enlarge spaces and provide an esthetical " state of the art" solution. As a result, the principal advantages of the CF 77 system are openness and large dimension as well as flexibility, meeting the highest demands regarding insulation.

Two vent profile designs are available: Functional Style (CF 77) and Slim Line (CF 77-SL). These can be installed using three bottom solutions : flat bottom, low threshold and high performance. Because of the system's constructions depth of 77 mm, it is compatible with the existing Reynaers CS product range.



Style variants CF 77 CS 77 - SL
Max. vent size 1200 X 3000 mm 1200 X 3000 mm
Max. vent weight 120 kg 120 kg
Uw (W/m2K)(3 - panel) 2700 X 2300mm 1.34 -1.54 1.30 - 1.46
Visible width vent-vent sect. 144 mm 122 mm


  CF 77  CS 77 -SL
thermal insulation

Uf - value between 2.22 W/m2K

and 3.50 W/m2k

Uf - value between 2.29 W/m2K

and 3.47 W/m2k