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From the factory conveyor belt - to your home! Our attention to detail and quality not only warm you but

Also your grandchildren.

About Keigra

Recent Kömerling PVC, Rehau, Reynaers and SCHÜCO Aluminium provides a special window, which offers heat rate and longevity.
· Drainage and ventilation channels protect the window against the condensation.

· 88 Plus Kömerling profile windows are warm, modern and aesthetic.

· Reliable and high quality fittings from Sigienia and GU in Germany.

• A wide selection of different glass packages - all produced through the The twenty-first century technology to ensure their transparency. Not only the best light permeability, but also protection from cold, heat, noise and UV rays.

The special glass package?

• Sound insulating glass units. Even if your house next to fly aircraft - you will still enjoy your sleep.

• Solar control glass packages - if all of next summer will be like in 2010. You can forget all the air conditioners and related costs!

• "Wash-up "glass-coated with a special layer of daylight he divides the accumulated dirt and contaminants!

Grievance on the quality remains much longer than the joy of accession, low prices!

We will try to be closer to you always!



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Mrs.Vaidilute Eiciene