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10 - year system guarantee

At each stage of the production process our quality control department carries out very stringent checks, which enable us to guarantee that our systems satisfy country - and product - specific technical approvals and standards. In addition we a 10 - year system guarantee. This is an insurance on the aluminium, lacquer or anodisation, as well the insulation and the accessories.



The products delivered by Reynaers Aluminium have the following properties and/or guarantees, with explicit exception of items detailed under the headings "validity" and "exclusions".



Standards extruded aluminium: 

Composition to standard EN 573 parts 3 and 4;

  • Mechanical properties to standard EN 755 part 2;
  • Tolerances to standard DIN 17 615 and EN 12020 part 2;

Standards rolled aluminium:

  • Composition painted aluminium EN AW 1050 A H24 to standard EN 573 part 3;
  • Composition anodised aluminium EN AW 5005 H14 AQ to standard EN 573 part 3;
  • Mechanical properties to standard EN 458 part 2;
  • Tolerances to standard EN 485 part 4.


A 10 year guarantee on:

  •  Detachment, flaking and blistering;
  • Corrosion, including fi liform corrosion for material AIMgSiO.5F22 (AW6060) with additional requirements ZN 0.15%; Cu 0.02%; Pb 0.022%; Si: 0.30-0.55%; Fe: 0.10-0.30 %; Mg: 0.35 - 0.60%; Mn 0.10%; Cr 0.05%; Ti 0.10%; other elements individually 0.05% together 0.15%; after treatment T66;
  • UV resistance, discolouring and loss of gloss exceeding the defi ned tolerances, according to Qualicoat an Qualanod regulations (latest editions)


A 10 year guarantee on: 

  •  Adherence between the polyamide strips and the aluminium;
  • Preservation of the thermal and mechanical properties of the insulator, within the boundaries defined by the technical specifications.


Accessories, gaskets and synthetic profiles:

  • A 10 year guarantee on properties, functionality and design, within restrictions defined by technical specifications
  • Painting and anodising : see above;
  • A 5 year guarantee on wearing parts, only applies to domestic use.